In Nepal, when you can't trust the ground beneath your feet

A month after Nepal’s most destructive earthquake, I went on a reporting trip to Kathmandu and the remote Ramechhap district, embedded with the Israeli NGO Tevel B’Tzedek. One afternoon, I found myself sitting outside in anticipation of the next big earthquake.

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The wonder of Krulwich

How do you explain something like color on the radio? Or the physics of a slinky? Basal ganglia? Laughter? Pain?

If you're a RadioLab fan, you'll have a clue where this is headed.

Robert Krulwich is co-host of RadioLab, WNYC's Peabody Award-winning program that examines big questions in science, philosophy, and the human experience through compelling storytelling. And while he was here in Tel Aviv, I sat down with him to find out just how he came to tell stories in such a unique and engaging way.

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Christian Scott envisions the shape of jazz to come

Grammy-nominated jazz trumpeter and composer Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah finds inspiration in every musical genre, from West African drumming to polka. And you can hear it all in his music. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Scott’s work is revitalizing jazz, an art form which has tended to stagnate.

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Stories with soul: Composer Adrian Younge hits Tel Aviv

As the hip hop group Souls of Mischief walked out of a club one night in 1994, a shooter made an attempt on their lives. Nearly 20 years later, when composer Adrian Younge heard about the incident, he felt he had to use it for a story. The result is his latest album with Souls of Mischief called There is Only Now. The story melds fiction with nonfiction and fleshes out the narrative with a well-developed cast of characters. Like Younge’s other concept albums, it’s incredibly visual and immersive — like a movie without pictures — and little wonder, since Younge is foremost a film composer.

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Down the rabbit hole with Kalimist K-Boog

Kalimist K Boog’s music throws you into this kind of dreamy time warp. It’s playful, yet dark — and dripping with style.
I tell Kalimist that his music sounds like how someone in the 1980s would imagine the future to sound.
“Exactly so,” he says.

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The OTHER Piano Festival

For the last few years, the Tel Aviv municipality has been holding an annual Piano Festival – a series of free or almost free concerts featuring some of the most popular Israeli musicians playing their songs on the piano. 

But THIS is not that festival. This is the Mizrahi Piano Festival.

Music by Liron Amram and Nasreen Kadri. Photo by Danit Rot. 

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Gorgeous and gritty beats, not words

Sol Monk’s album Beats Not Words is one of those albums that, after I first heard it, I just listened to it on repeat for a while. It blends jazz, soul, hip hop, electronic. Mostly it’s pretty chill but at times it’s frenetic. And throughout there’s this underlying intensity that’s powered by the drums. Sol Monk is the drummer Aviv Cohen. And Beats Not Words is the magic that happened when he got together with the producer Rejoicer and bunch of other featured artists. The album came out a few months ago and now it’s just been released on vinyl. Aviv sat down with me to talk about how it all came together.

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