Dating in Tel Aviv, for better and for worse

There are three types of first dates: the mediocre date; the surprisingly good date; and the disaster date. This last type is the kind of date that is so spectacularly awful that you can’t help but laugh. And sometimes, those can actually be the best dates. 

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Sex, sandwiches, and Talmud

Whoever said Yiddish was a dying language hasn't seen the new web series YidLife Crisis. The show delves into the heady topics of un-kosher sandwiches, circumcision, and the love of "juicier" women — and it does it all in Yiddish. YidLife Crisis at once celebrates and subverts Jewish culture as it grapples with the question of secular Jewish identity in the diaspora.

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A little comic relief in the Middle East

Israeli and Arab comedians take a stab at the peace process; hilarity ensues. In a political climate like this one, sometimes the best we can hope for is a little comic relief.

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Bulgarian Rhapsody

A poor Bulgarian family hopes that a visiting American cousin will shower them with money, but one of them has an even bolder request that incites wild scheming among everyone present. Everyone except the American, that is.

This play is heard best with headphones. 

Bulgarian Rhapsody is a one-act play written by Rich Orloff and performed by The Stage.

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