The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God

Etgar Keret reads his short story about a bus driver whose deeply held belief in equity and fairness flies right smack in the face of Eddie, an assistant cook who has a problem getting places on time. 

I scored this piece using music from Podington Bear, Big Mean Sound Machine, Dana Boule, Silent Partner, Jingle Punks, and John Deley and the 41 Players. 

Act II: The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God begins at 42 minutes into the episode. 


I scored the lead, Act I, and Act II. Music from Podington Bear and Blue Dot Sessions. Act II begins at 15:30.

Now Boarding

I scored the prologue, lead and Act I. Music from Blue Dot Sessions, Podington Bear, and Kanye West. 

Man, I Feel Like a Woman

Music from Blue Dot SessionsDana Boulé, and BenSound.

Out of Africa... And Back Again

I scored the Prologue, "Don't Go Out With Him, He's a Neanderthal!" and Act II, "White Suzuki Days," which begins at 21:52. 

Music from Blue Dot SessionsJohn Deley and the 41 PlayersDoug MaxwellPodington BearBallake Sissoko and Vincent Segal, and Silent Partner.