Full spectrum: The story of a trans Jew

The theme of Tel Aviv's Pride Parade this year was transgender rights. So, what does it feel like to question your own gender identity? To find yourself in-between the masculine and the feminine?

Surat-Shaan Knan shares his journey of self-discovery and explains where his trans-masculine and liberal Jewish identity intersect.

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Ethiopian protests highlight Israel's racial fault lines

A case of police brutality against an Ethiopian-Israeli soldier sparked a series of protests that turned violent. It also brought an issue to the surface that has been simmering, silently, for decades. Racism — particularly Jews being racist against other Jews — is something that many Israelis find deeply disturbing. These events paint a very complicated picture of race in Israeli society.

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Arabs and Jews: Fair-weather friends?

Evyatar and Yusef are best friends. They share an apartment in Jaffa and work together at a restaurant. But they have very different backgrounds: Evyatar comes from a Jewish family in Kfar Saba, while Yusef grew up in a Palestinian Muslim household in Hebron. Their friendship is certainly a rare one, especially amid rising Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

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‘Jews & Arabs refuse to be enemies,’ but Israeli rightists & leftists have never been more at odds

"'Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.' Thus chanted some five thousand peace protesters at Rabin Square on the night of Saturday, July 26th. It was the largest Israeli protest against Operation Protective Edge, which has claimed the lives of over a thousand Palestinians and 45 Israelis. Throughout the demonstration, the air was thick with tension between the right and left wing protestors."

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When racism ceases to be taboo

Yair Rubin taught history and civics in Israeli high schools for over 20 years before he moved on to guiding tours of Holocaust museums. During his decades as an educator, he’s watched high school students express increasingly polarized and racist views. On a recent tour he gave at the Holocaust museum at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot, one student proudly proclaimed himself a racist...

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Inside the Abu Khdeir mourning tent, a rift that can’t be mended

The capacious mourning tent for Muhammad Abu Khdeir is packed tight with neat rows of plastic chairs, shaded by blue nylon tarps. The buildings around it, on this quiet street in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat, bear huge photos of the 16-year-old who was tortured and burned alive. Muhammad’s aunt Hana recounted the family’s experiences in the immediate aftermath of the boy’s murder and explained their anger.

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